Tutor's Assessment System

We know that our Chinese teachers are the most important component of Chinese language education and the core value of Sinolangue system. Our teacher recruitment has been doing the best to select the experienced and skillful teachers for our students. Teachers in Sinolangue are required to complete the evaluation assessment in accordance to education background, qualification, teaching or other relevant experience etc. which aims to ensure that the right teacher reaches the right place.

Teacher introduction

  • Name: Jasmine Xu

  • Languange:

    English 1 Cantonese 1

  • Can teach:

    · Daily Chinese · Surival Chinese · HSK1-4

  • Things I Love:

    eating travelling playing table tennis

teaching level


Jasmine Xu

Level Description

Your current Level : Level 10 Upper intermediate Basic understanding of the primary information the other party to express. The logic can better understand the sentence.



Linguistic Skill

Question: 1、Your Second language is?


Question: 3、Level of your spoken language?


Funtional Knowledge

Question: 1、Funtional Knowledge?


Mandarin Level

Question: 3、Please select the level?


Question: 2、Where are they from?


Question: 2、HSK BAND 4-6 ?


Question:4、Comprehensive Chinese ?


Teaching Skills
技能 最高分 得分
1、Time management 5分
2、Expression 10分
3、Approachablitiy 10分
4、Language Point Transmission 20分
5、Diversity Of Teachi 15分
6、Extensibility 10分
7、Correction 10分
8、Patience 10分
9、Interaction 10分